RITUAL - Summer Solstice concert by John Kenny (Scotland)
Sat 23rd June – sunset concert / Sun 24th June 2018 – sunrise concert, Mnajdra Temples, Qrendi

This performance combines the Mnajdra temple complex with an exclusive recital of music archaeology and contemporary repertoire. Taking place once at sunset and once at sunrise, the concert will see Scottish trombonist John Kenny tracing the evolution of the trombone through its predecessors. The programme reflects this music journey featuring primitive sounds on a Balinese queen conch, plain chant on a Renaissance sackbut, ritual music on the Celtic 'carnyx' … leading 'Sequenza V' for solo trombone by Luciano Berio.


Sat 23rd June - sunset concert

Sun 24th June - sunrise concert

Mnajdra Temples, Qrendi




in collaboration with Heritage Malta







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